Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trees-Our best friends

Trees- our best friendsso
saves the tree and saves our country.A true friend is one who stands by us steadfasty through thick and
thin.We may ,therefor regards trees as out best friends bcoz they have stood by
us for centuries providing with us food and fuel and meeting many of our other
needs.They keep the environment clean,healthy and fresh. They take
away the carbon dioxide that we breath out and supply us with
life-giving oxygen in exchange. The roots of trees prevents erosion of the topsoil by
offering protection
against strong winds or fowing water.The only way we can save these faithful friends is by creating an
awareness of how important trees are to the world. Trees
planting,afforestation,compaigns such as the Chipko
movements,demarcation of certain areas as protected forest land are
some ways in which this goal can be achieved. Each one of us can
contribute in a small way towards making our environment tree-friendly.
'Vanmahotsava' shouold be organized not as a ritual but a sacred and
serious duty for it is on trees that the very survival of our planet
depends.Trees are the lungs of the world and without them all spices of life
are bound to perish.So I think we need to think about it seriously, because the layer of
ozone are reduced day after day.We need to take some actions right now.There are a big hole on this ozone
layer. And this hole is increasingday after day.So what you think Guyes ? Is we realy need to take some
actions on such topic or not?Please take some actions right now!!! Because we
people are the future of the World. So saves the trees, plant the trees and
grows the trees . If you don't want to plant or save any tree ,then
please atleast don't cut the trees for your own purpose.